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Felix, Senior Photographer


Senior Photographer / Graphic Designer
Felix has been a professional photographer since film. He managed and operated his family’s photo lab business with studio and desktop publishing services since 1995 until he left for Canada in 2010 – that is more than 15 years of photography and business experience! He graduated from one of the prestigious private schools in the Philippines, the University of Santo Tomas, earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, major in Advertising. Equally creative and always updating his photography skills, Felix is passionate about capturing events and connecting people through images. He loves movie editing  and hand drawn portraits. Whenever he’s not busy, you can see him at the golf course, or staying at home assembling his plastic scale models and tweaking his radio-controlled cars & planes with his son.



Graphic Designer / Photographer
Above all else, Jane is a wife and mother. A graphic designer, illustrator and a photographer for more than 15 years, Jane earned her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, major in Advertising, at the University of Santo Tomas. She loves classical music and  a big fan of fairy tales, sci-fi and period movies. She loves reading and listening to audiobooks on her spare time. She is an award-winning digital fine artist in the Philippines during her membership in the International Designers’ Network (Idn). She is passionate about her Christian faith, family and contributing to the community through her art.

Hannah, the Junior Photographer cum Graphic Designer


Graphic Artist / Junior Photographer
A student of Visual Communication Design program at Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD), Kat  loves travel, vlogs, live poetry, and Percy Jackson. In between her piano-playing, volunteer work and school, she takes time to freelance and run for a cause.

Kat’s eyes are set to work for a magazine or book publishing company someday – not just a visual creative but as a copywriter, as well.

“Creativity takes courage.”

-Henri Matisse


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We meet with you first for a kick-off session just to get to know you – so you’ll know what will transpire during photo shoots.

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